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Get Your 2022 Game Photos!

The high school program is happy to offer a couple different options for getting photos of your player in action during the 2018 season. 
Caitlin Prochaska of Proproductions is a professional photographer in Waunakee who attended all varsity games as well as a number of games for other levels of Waunakee football.  You can look at all of her pictures for sale by clicking on this link: PROPRODUCTIONS  In addition to pictures, Caitlin has a wide variety of other offerings such as posters, banners, etc that she can create from her pictures. 
Parent volunteers will also be present at all high school games taking pictures.  Our volunteer photographers will post their pictures to photo rooms on Shutterfly for parents to purchase.  Please email the Touchdown Club if you would like information on how to obtain the photos. Thanks!

Waunakee Football Shutterfly
Jurkuta Waunakee Football Shutterfly