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Waunakee Football: State Champions 1999 – 2002 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011--2017

2020 Football Format

Here is the latest on the 2020 Middle School Football Season. Football this fall will NOT consist of handing out equipment (Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Pants, Practice Jerseys, etc) and it will NOT involve playing tackle football. We are finalizing plans for a six week Waunakee Middle School Football Season this Fall. There will be individual drills to teach fundamentals and small group games to apply those fundamentals in a safe, fun, and competitive environment. We are tentatively planning to hold non-contact practices that will focus on general football skill (Blocking, Tackling, Special Teams and Alignment) development as well as position specific skill (OL, QB/RB, WR, DL, LB, DB) development on Mondays and Wednesdays, with Passing League and OL/DL competitions on Fridays. Passing League is a small group (from 5-on-5 up to 7-on-7) form of non-contact football. It is essentially Flag Football without the flags. Practices will begin the week of September 14th. If your child has ever attended the Waunakee Warrior Youth Pride Camp in July, it will be very similar to that structure. The Passing League will be an "In-House" league, so our athletes will not be competing against athletes from other communities. We will be following Dane County public health guidance in conducting practices and games. If we are not allowed to host the Passing League games due to public health guidelines, we have a couple of ideas that we feel will still be fun for the kids. Specific Practice and Game Times and locations have not yet been finalized. 

Key Dates/Information

Please CLICK HERE for the Middle School Football Information Meeting Presentation.

Please CLICK HERE for a calendar of key dates for the 2020 season.

Please CLICK HERE for Middle School Football Key Dates.

Registration to sign-up for 2020 Middle School Football is now open.

Registration Information

Information the Middle School coaching staff would like share with all incoming 7th and 8th grade football players as we head into the 2020 season is below.

  • Player Registration: Online registration for Middle School Football is now open!  If your son participated last year, you created an account last year that can be used to register for football this year.  From the Warrior football website home page, please click on the login button. if you forgot your username and / or password, there is a link to reset them.  For players new to the program, parents will need to click on the register button and create an account.  Once your account has been created, you will then choose a program to register your son or daughter in.  Please choose the 7th or 8th grade program based upon the grade your player will be entering this fall.  During the registration check out process, you also have an opportunity to join the Waunakee Touchdown Club.  Please consider becoming a member of this organization that does so much to support Waunakee football at all levels.  Once you’ve registered your player, you will receive an email with additional instructions on various forms that need to be turned in order to participate.


  • Forms – please see the “Forms” section below to get all the information regarding forms necessary to participate in Middle School football.  All completed forms must be turned in before a player can practice.  You can turn completed forms in to the High School Athletic department.  Please let them know the forms are for a middle school player.  Forms includes the co-curricular acknowledgment, HIPPA release, and their physical card (7th grade) or alternate year card (8th grade).


The School District is moving to online forms for the Middle School this year. Online registration will be available the first week of July.  Players will still need to turn in their physical or alternate year physical cardshowever, the remainder of the paperwork will be completed online. The school will send an email through Infinite Campus to everyone this summer with instructions. 

Physical Card– Incoming 7th graders must have a physical prior to participation in football this fall.  Schedule your physicals now and give this form to your doctor to complete.
Alternate Year Card - Incoming 8th graders must complete this card, but please understand a physical is not required to complete this card.