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Our Safety Philosophy

In the Waunakee Football Program, the safety of our players is the top priority from our Youth Football Program all the way through our High School Program.   There has been a lot of negative publicity recently in the media in regards to the game of football.  The Waunakee Football Program makes sure our players are protected to the greatest possible extent through prevention, protection, and proper recovery.  Please click on the link below to read all about our comprehensive approach to managing player safety.
Waunakee Football Safety Philosophy & Approach

Below is a link to an article done with facts about the improved safety and lower risk of playing high school football.

NFHS Injury Risk

High School Sports Related Concussion Study

Concussions are a reality in football, but there is much being done to curtail both the quantity and severity of concussions at all levels of football.  Recently, Tim McGuine of UW Sports Medicine conducted a study of the number and impact of concussions following the rule changes made by the WIAA regulating the amount and type of contact drills allowed during practices.  The study offered a quantitative review that shows a reduction on both quantity and severity of concussion related injuries.  Here is the article discussing the results of the study.  


Study Offers Good News on Concussions - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel